Our Arizona and Florida pro pitching coaches understand that teaching a pitcher what it takes to get to get to the pros is difficult, but it is far less strenuous than actually pitching. Imagine what it is like to be an amateur pitcher who is trying to make the transition from one level to the next while playing the most challenging position. In all likelihood, the young ball players who train with our professional pitching coaches have received instruction from a variety of sources like immediate family, pals and multiple amateur players in the dugout. Professional coaches appreciate that this means it is a short trip from a well-instructed pitcher to a pitcher who is over-instructed. Too many different voices and advice mean that ultimately conflicts will arise and result in a pitcher who is confused and frustrated, which will result in poor results on the hill. That is why our pro pitching coaches have identified a set of key skills to revisit time and time again in pitching instruction in order to produce a pitcher who will be successful today and in the future.

It is our responsibility to instruct a player regarding how to be a better pitcher, and follow our pitching instruction. We stress arm safety and we are always interested to teach a player who wants to be on the mound.

The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic offers amateur baseball players of all levels hands-on baseball instruction with Major League coaches in Florida and Arizona as well as other locations.