The professional hitting instruction offered by the batting coaches from the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic makes it possible for a batter to take the most current and well-proven information with to the next plate appearance. From minor league player to 13 year old enthusiast, we have helped player all over the country master the perfect swing. The revolutionary hitting instruction and techniques offered by our pro coaches allow each baseball player to hit for consistency and power, gain the ability to adjust to the pitcher, and maximize all potential for future batting success.

Hitting instruction with professional coaches is the key to long-term success at the plate. The professional hitting coaches from the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic provide hitting instruction in a constructive setting with players who love the game. This type of setting allows players to transform weaknesses at the plate into strengths, improve batting skills and increase confidence.

The hitting instructors from the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic offer amateur baseball players of all levels hands-on batting instruction with Major League hitting coaches in Florida and Arizona as well as other locations.

Hitters find that they learn to trust their swing after training with the batting instructors from the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic!