In 1992, I came across an advertisement in an orthopedic surgery journal for the Big League Baseball Sports Medicine Conference. It was essentially a baseball fantasy camp for doctors. I hadn’t played baseball since the summer of 1980, when I played in a Dallas summer league right before going to medical school at UT Southwestern. I figured, what the heck, I hadn’t played baseball in over a decade but it sounded like fun. I attended that event and had a blast playing baseball again. A few docs from that fantasy camp invited me to play with them back in Los Angeles. At the time, I had no idea there were leagues where “older guys” like me could played baseball. I started playing MSBL and NABA and was hooked BIG time.

In 2002, I came up with the idea to start an instructional clinic for the older player who wanted to improve his baseball skills. I figured there had to be other guys like me who loved the game and wanted to get better so they could have more fun playing in their adult league. I wanted to make sure this experience would be very different from a fantasy camp. I wasn’t interested in rubbing elbows and sharing stories with ex-pros. I envisioned a clinic where the average guy who loved baseball could get one-on-one instruction from Major League coaches, no matter their skill level, and having a great time doing it. This pipe dream started in 2002 with a handful of Major League coaches, (including then Angels’ bench coach, Joe Maddon, as coordinator), one field at the Padres spring training complex in Peoria, AZ and a dozen or so players.

Joe Maddon (pictured right), then bench coach for Mike Scioscia’s Angels, was our coordinator until he was named Rays manager.

Over the years, the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic has grown, mostly by word of mouth, into an amazing baseball experience. We fashion ourselves after Major League spring training. You’ll get one-on-one instruction from current Major League bench coaches, pitching coaches, hitting coaches, catching instructors, infield instructors and outfield instructors. We’ve had players attend from all over the United States, Australia, Canada, England and France (I didn’t know they had amateur adult baseball leagues in Europe…how cool). If you love baseball, you will love this clinic. From daily instructional chalk talks to on-field instruction, you will become a better and more knowledgeable player over the 4 days. Don’t worry if you haven’t played baseball for a while….players of all skills levels are invited to attend the Pro Ball baseball Clinic. Maybe you coach youth baseball. Every year we get coaches who want to gather knowledge so they can pass it on to their players. The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic is a wealth of baseball information that will make you a better coach.

The minimum age is 13 (though I confess a few 12 year-olds have snuck in). Minors need to be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Parents need not participate. Fathers and sons (all parent-child tandems) are especially encouraged to attend. We offer a $500 parent/child discount. The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic is a hands on baseball experience where you work with current Major League coaches to help improve your game.

If you love baseball, you will love this clinic. It’s an unforgettable baseball experience.

Feel free to drop me an email at nomarfan@pacbell.net if you have any comments or questions.


John Rubinow, M.D.
Director, Pro Ball Baseball Clinic


The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic is the only place I know of where current Major League coaches give individual baseball instruction to the everyday amateur player. We’re not into rubbing elbows with ex-big leaguers, getting autographs, listening to old baseball stories, kangaroo courts, or playing a ton of games. We are very different from the fantasy camp experience. At Pro Ball, we are ALL ABOUT INSTRUCTION. Our goal is to make you a better baseball player, no matter what your skill level. Whether it’s drill work in the cages, live BP, infield or outfield defense, team defense, pitching, catching or our daily chalk talk sessions, Major League coaches are there to help you improve your baseball skills. You can’t imagine what it’s like to work with these coaches until you experience it for yourself.


Newly named Phillies infield coach, Bobby Dickerson, is very interested in joining the Pro Ball staff. You may have gone on-line and seen Bobby instructing Oriole players on infield defense. In fact, that’s how I first learned about him.

We are very excited at the prospect of him joining our Major League coaching staff.

So far, so good as far as Alan Trammell re-joining the coaching staff. Prior commitments precluded Tram from teaching at Pro Ball the past two years, but he plans on being In Bradenton for the November 21-24, 2019 clinic.


The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic offers the following discounts:

  1. “Bring a Friend” Referral Discount of $200 per referral
    (applies to 1st time referral participants only).
  2. “Father-Son” Discount – $500 off each son (or daughter) who attends with a participating parent or legal guardian.
  3. “Group” Discount (6 players or more) – email nomarfan@pacbell.net for details.
  4. “Team” Discount (9 or more players) – email nomarfan@pacbell.net for details.

All discounts will be taken off of your final balance due. They are not in lieu of the 2 required deposits.