The NEXT Pro Ball Baseball Clinic:

November 30 – December 3, 2017 at the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training complex in Bradenton, FL (Pirate City)

Although the majority of  attendees are adults, all players aged 13 and older are invited to participate at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. Women players are encouraged to attend! Minors should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

This clinic is a VERY different baseball experience from the typical fantasy camp. At fantasy camps, guys mostly play games against each other, then play a game against the ex-pros on the final day. There is very little instruction.

The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic, on the other hand, is ALL ABOUT INSTRUCTION. We play few, if any, “live” games (most players prefer to spend their time learning from the Major League coaches rather than playing against each other). We do play a lot of simulated games with situational play, for teaching purposes. Everyday, Major League coaches stress fundamentals – offense, individual and team defense, pitching, catching, bunting, base running and the mental aspects of the game. We cover it all. There is a TON of hitting under the tutelage of Major League hitting coaches. We do a variety of cage work drills and take a lot of live BP.

The invited staff for the upcoming Pro Ball Baseball Clinics includes:

MAJOR LEAGUE BENCH COACH – Don Wakamatsu (World Champion Kansas City Royals)

MAJOR LEAGUE HITTING COACHES – Chili Davis (Boston Red Sox), Brook Jacoby (Toronto Blue Jays), Ty Van Burkleo (Cleveland Indians), Scott Coolbaugh (Baltimore Orioles), Dave Magadan (Arizona Diamondbacks), Alonzo Powell (asst., Houston Astros), Victor Rodriguez  (asst., Boston Red Sox)

MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHING COACHES  – Jim Hickey (Tampa Bay Rays), Carl Willis (Boston Red Sox), Mike Butcher (Arizona Diamondbacks), Mickey Callaway (Cleveland Indians)


The minimum age for the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic is 13. Minors are encouraged to participate with their fathers or legal guardians, but they may attend without an adult. However, minors must travel with and stay in the hotel with a parent or legal guardian. Minors must also get an “approval of participation” letter from their parent or legal guardian.

This clinic is designed for players who are motivated to improve their baseball skills. It’s the perfect “jump start”  for teenagers looking to make their high school or travel teams, present high school and travel ball players who want to get to the next level, men’s senior league players, adults looking to get back into playing baseball, coaches who want to improve their coaching and communication skills and any player 13 and older who has a passion for the game.

There is a special group rate of six or more players from the same team – please call Dr. John Rubinow at 323-333-8798 for more details.

Whatever your skill level is, there is a place for you at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic.

Welcome to 4 Days of Baseball Bliss!

Father-Son / Teen Clinic

January 13-16, 2017

San Diego Padres League Spring Training Complex, Peoria, AZ

Fathers and Sons Bond on the Baseball Diamond

January 13-16, 2017 (MLK weekend), the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic invites fathers and sons to join us in sunny AZ for 4 days of baseball bliss.

With each passing year, more adult players bring their teenage sons to Pro Ball. There is nothing better to behold than a dad and his son on the baseball diamond.

We picked MLK weekend so kids would miss a minimum of school.

Pro Ball is the perfect place for teenagers to get ready for high school baseball tryouts!

One day, we hope to host a clinic solely for fathers and sons and teenage players from across the country.

Please note the minimum age for participation is 13.


Please call Dr. John Rubinow at 323-333-8798 or email him at for more details.

Fundamentals Clinics

December 1-4, 2016:

Pirate City – Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training Complex – Bradenton, FL

January 13-16, 2017:

Peoria Sports Complex – San Diego Padres Spring Training Complex – Peoria, AZ

4 Days of Baseball Heaven With Major League Coaches

The Pro Ball Baseball Clinic is open to all adults and teenagers, 13 and older. Players of all skill levels are welcome. This 4-day teaching clinic stresses the fundamentals of baseball: proper swing mechanics, proper throwing mechanics, individual and team defense at every position, cut offs and relays, run downs, pop up priority, bunting and situational offense and defense. Other than sliding techniques, we cover all aspects of the game. What makes this clinic special is the individual attention you’ll receive from Major League coaches. If you want to learn the proper fundamentals of the game, you have come to the right place. There simply is no other clinic out there like Pro Ball. Imagine nothing but baseball from early morning till the sun goes down, with current Major League coaches as your instructors. If you love baseball and want to improve your game or just want to have a better working knowledge and understanding of baseball fundamentals that you can pass on to your kids or your youth players, this is the camp for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t played baseball in a while. While most attendees play in organized adult leagues (Roy Hobbs, MSBL, NABA, etc.), some guys haven’t played baseball since they were kids – anywhere from Little League to high school. They have the itch to get back on the diamond and play organized baseball. We love that! There is no better place to build a solid foundation of your skills baseball than the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. Over the past several years, guys have started to bring their kids (13 and older), making Pro Ball an even more memorable experience.