Here’s a partial list of the invited coaches for the next Pro Ball Baseball Clinics:

Don Wakamatsu – Bench Coach, Kansas City Royals

Jim Hickey – Pitching Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

Carl Willis – Pitching Coach, Boston Red Sox

Mike Butcher – Pitching Coach, Arizona Diamondbacks

Mickey Calloway, Pitching Coach, Cleveland Indians

Ray Burris, Rehab Pitching Coach, Philadelphia Phillies

Glenn Sherlock – 3rd Base Coach & Catching Instructor, New York Mets

Ty Van Burkelo – Hitting Coach, Cleveland Indians

Brook Jacoby – Hitting Coach, Toronto Blue Jays

Chili Davis – Hitting Coach, Boston Red Sox

Alonzo Powell – Asst Hitting Coach, Houston Astros

Victor Rodriguez – Asst Hitting Coach, Boston Red Sox

Derek Shelton – Quality Control Coach, Toronto Blue Jays

Lee Tinsley – Former Asst. Hitting Coach, Cincinnati Reds

Gary Jones – 3rd Base Coach, Chicago Cubs

Tony Muser – Former Royals Manager, Padres Bench Coach and Cubs and Brewers hitting Coach

Don Wakamatsu

Bench Coach, Kansas City Royals

"Wak" is a fixture at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. He has been our clinic coordinator for many years. He‘s in his 3rd year as bench coach of the World Champion Kansas City Royals. Prior to KC, he spent a year as a special assistant to Yankees’ GM, Brian Cashman and prior to that, he served 2 years as John Farrell‘s bench coach with the Toronto Blue Jays. Wak has an incredible baseball resume, including 1 1/2 seasons as Manager of the Seattle Mariners and bench coach for the Texas Rangers and Oakland A’s. If you are a catcher, Wak is one of the best catching instructors in the game. Imagine doing one-on-one catching drills with Wak! You can, if you come to Pro Ball.....

Allan Trammell

GM Special Asst., Detroit Tigers

Alan Trammell, the former bench coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, has been on the Pro Ball Coaching Staff the past 4 years. We fully expect him to return in 2016. "Tram" has an amazing baseball resume, including 20 years as a player with the Detroit Tigers, where he earned 6 All Star selections, 4 gold gloves, and 3 Silver Slugger Awards. His baseball resume includes Manager and Hitting Coach (Detroit Tigers), Bench Coach (Chicago Cubs), and First Base Coach (San Diego Padres). Tram is a great middle infield instructor and an outstanding hitting coach. 2016 will be Tram’s 5th year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. We are truly honored to have him on our staff. If you want to work on middle infield play, there is no better teacher!

Tim Wallach

Bench Coach, Los Angeles Dodgers

A 17-year Major League veteran and five-time All Star, Tim has a distinguished professional baseball career. He is in his 2nd year as bench coach of Don Mattingly’s Los Angeles Dodgers. Prior to being named bench coach, Tim served three years as the Dodgers 3rd base coach. He was also the Dodgers hitting coach from 2004-2005. Tim has expressed a great interest in joining the 2016 Pro Ball Coaching Staff. We would be honored to have him join us for the 1st time in 2016.

Tony Muser

Tony Muser

Former Rorals Manager and former Brewers and Cubs Hitting Coach

"Muse" is a long-time fixture at Pro Ball and one of the most popular coaches on staff. His passion for teaching hitting is like no other. He is a tireless worker in the cages. His dedication to making you a better hitter and better first baseman is infectious. He also is one of baseball GREAT story tellers. You will love spending time with Muse.

Chili Davis

Hitting Coach, Boston Red Sox

Chili Davis is the 1st year hitting coach of the Boston Red Sox. After spending 3 years as hitting coach for the Oakland A’s, the Red Sox brought him back into their fold (prior to joining the A’s, Chili was the AAA hitting instructor for the Boston Red Sox). A 19-year Major League veteran, Chili was a three-time All-Star and a member of three World Series championship teams. Chili has expressed a sincere interest to teach at Pro Ball. We would be honored to have him join our staff in 2016. It would be Chili’s 1st year on staff.

Jim Hickey

Pitching Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

Jim is in his 8th year as pitching coach of the Tampa Bay Rays, the longest tenured pitching coach in the history of the franchise. Before coming to the Rays, he was the pitching coach for the Houston Astros for 2 1/2 years and severed a total of 16 years in the Houston organization. 2016 will be Jim‘s 3rd year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. If you are a pitcher and want to improve on your delivery and learn how to throw a better breaking ball and change up, here’s your chance to work one-on-one with a Major League pitching coach.

Derek Shelton

Derek Shelton

Hitting Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

"Shelty" begins his 1st year with the Toronto Blue Jays as Quality Control Coach. Former long-time hitting coach of the Tampa Bay Rays, Derek also spent 5 years as hitting coach of the Cleveland Indians. This will be Derek’s 5th year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. He is a tremendous teacher of hitting. Shelty loves coming to Pro Ball and we are thrilled to have him!

Ty Van Burkleo

Hitting Coach, Cleveland indians

Ty begins his 3rd year as hitting coach of Terry Francona‘s Cleveland Indians. Ty’s coaching resumes includes the Seattle Mariners (bench coach), Oakland A’s (hitting coach), Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (roving hitting instructor) and Houston Astros (roving hitting instructor). Ty is one of the best hitting coaches I have ever seen. Just ask the guys that have come to the camp. He gets there early and is the last to leave, everyday. He is passionate about teaching and making you and better hitter! Ty has been a fixture at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic and we look forward to having back on staff in 2016.

Joe Lefebvre

Pro Scout, San Francisco Giants (Former Hitting Coach, Giants)

Joe has been in the San Francisco Giants’ organization for over 20 years. From 2003-2007, he was the Giants’ hitting coach, then worked in the front office from 2008-2011 as senior advisor to GM Brian Sabean. He got back onto the field in 2011 and continues as the Giants’ Asst. Hitting Coach. Joe had been a staff member at Pro Ball for many years, the last being 2007. He rejoined the Pro Ball staff in 2015 and was outstanding. He was seen working in the hitting cages with guys as early as 6:00 AM.... talk about passion for the game! If you want to work hard at getting better, Joe will be there for you all the way. It was great to have him back on staff and are stoked that he wants to return in 2016.

Lee Tinsley

Asst. Hitting Coach, Cincinnati Reds

A 5-year Major League veteran, Lee is in his 2nd year as the Reds‘ assistant hitting coach. Prior to that , he spent 2 years as the Cubs’ outfield coordinator and base running instructor. His coaching resume also includes the Seattle Mariners (1st base coach), Arizona Diamondbacks (1st base coach, outfield instructor), and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (roving outfield instructor). If you play outfield and want to improve your reads on fly balls and better your base running as well as hitting, Lee will teach you. 2016 his will be Lee’s 11th year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic.

Alonzo Powell

Asst. Hitting Coach, San Diego Padres

"Zo" begins his 4th season as asst. hitting coach of the San Diego Padres. Prior to his hire by the Padres, he was the interim hitting coach for the Seattle Mariners. His coaching resume includes minor league hitting coordinator and AAA hitting coach for the Mariners. 2015 for his first year teaching at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic and Zo was a HUGE hit with all the players. Patient teacher, tireless worker in the cages and during BP, he has a tremendous enthusiasm for teaching the game he loves. We are proud to have him back in 2016.

Eric Owens

Asst. Hitting Coach, Toronto Blue Jays

"EO", a 9 year Major League veteran, begins his 1st year as Asst. Hitting Coach of the Toronto Blue Jays. Prior to Toronto, he was the minor league hitting coordinator for the Dodgers from 2011-2014. EO has been teaching hitting, outfield defense and base running at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic for many years. EO has tremendous energy and enthusiasm for teaching and he‘s a great motivator, too.....a perfect combo for being a member of the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic staff. I swear he will hit you fungos till the sun goes down and he is a fabulous hitting coach - he’s always one of the players‘ favorite coaches. 2016 will be EO’s 7th year at Pro Ball.

Tony Muser

Former KC Royals Manager, Former Bench Coach, SD Padres, Former Hitting Coach, Brewers & Cubs

A 9-year major League veteran, Tony has an outstanding resume in professional baseball, including the Kansas City Royals (Manager, 1995-2002), Milwaukee Brewers (hitting coach), Chicago Cubs (hitting coach) and San Diego Padres (4 seasons as bench coach). Tony has a great sense of humor and is a tireless worker with our players. He is a big hit with all the players, as all the guys love his enthusiasm and passion for teaching hitting. 2016 will be his 7th year at Pro Ball.

Rob Picciolo

Former Bench Coach, Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim

A 9-year Major League veteran, "Peach" has a tremendous coaching resume within Major League baseball: former Angels bench coach, 5 seasons as the Angels minor league roving infield instructor, and San Diego Padres coach from 1990-2005. Peach is one of the founding members of the Pro Ball coaching staff and is the only coach to have taught at pro Ball every year. 2016 will be his 15th year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic. He is a walking encyclopedia on infield defense and his teaching skills will amaze you. I can say this with all sincerity - you will not find a nicer human on this planet than Rob Picciolo. We are truly honored that he wants to be here us players.

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher

Pitching Coach, Arizona Diamondbacks

Mike begins his 1st year as pitching coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Mike has a long history as a Major League pitching coach, having spent 9 years with the Angels and one year with the Rays. He has spent 30 years in professional baseball. A fixture on the Pro ball staff, Mike took a few years off to spend more time with his family. Now that he‘s back home in AZ, he’s back on staff. We are thrilled to have "Butch" back!

Gary Jones

Gary Jones

3rd Base and Infield Coach, Chicago Cubs

Gary begins his 3rd year with the Chicago Cubs as their 3rd base coach and infield instructor. Gary has a 25 year history in professional baseball, including four minor league manager of the year awards. This will be Gary’s first year at the Pro Ball Baseball Clinic.